Panel Discussion

2005 Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion

The agenda consisted of marketing, advertising, sponsorship, organization, and tournament set-up to name a few, with many questions from the attending audience. Panelists: Ed Prentiss, Commissioner of the NDL, Dave Johnson, Polaris Marketing Manager, and Niki LaGrano, Operations Director for the NDL, kicked off the weekend with an interesting and interactive dodgeball forum. Each gave their candid perspective and opinions on all things dodgeball and took questions from a receptive audience.


Johnson offered keen insights on sponsorship and marketing. Among his suggestions was to always keep in mind what's in it for the potential sponsor. All too many groups don't take into consideration the sponsor's return for their investment. Johnson also discussed the use of viral and guerilla marketing, especially effective tools in today's crowded media marketplace.


Prentiss focused on many of the issues facing league and tournament planners. He reminded the audience that while dodgeball has moved beyond a trend, the next few years will be pivotal to the sport's survival. He observed that dodgeballers are too fragmented and that in the past year many event planners have failed without a strong support system. He explained that there was strength in numbers and laid out the beginnings of the NDL affiliate program to the audience.


LaGrano fielded questions from the crowd about specifics of event planning. She commented how on several occasions she assisted or consulted event planners who ignored her suggestions. The events ended up more costly or were relatively unsuccessful. She also spoke about the value of joining forces with non-profits and pursuing fundraising opportunities.

Audience members listening avidly.

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