Open Division Champions

Open Division Champions: Triple A - CA

The Winners

It was a toss up on which teams would become the next reigning champs; in the end it was teamwork and skill that brought these teams to the winnerą£©rcle. Congratulations to the first and second place teams.

We would also like to acknowledge all the hard work put in by the other teams. Your efforts didn't go unnoticed. We all can agree that the level of talent was amazing.

Open Division

1st place

Triple A, California

Triple A

Team Page

2nd Place

Cheese and Crackers, Illinois

Cheese And Crackers

Team Page

Coed Division

1st place

Odd Days, California

Odd Days

Team Page

2nd Place

Team Franchise, Washington

Team Franchise

Team Page

Last Man Standing

The Last Man Standing

Mike McDonald, Illinois

Mike McDonald

More info on the Last Man Standing

Women's Division

Women's Division

Dodgebelles, Oregon

The Dodgebelles

Team Page

Stars Left

Planning has already begun for next year's Dodgeball World Championship. Don't miss out, there will be more teams, more talent, and more fun. For more info fill out a contact form.

Stars Right