2006 Dodgeball World Championship Recap

A huge thank-you to all teams!

Thank you so much for coming out and joining us once again for the 2006 Dodgeball World Championship and Convention. It would not have been what it was without the participation of all the teams and fans.

We had teams and participants from California, Canada, Alaska, Utah, Illinois, Connecticut, Texas, Indiana, Arizona, Oregon, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington all converge on the dodgeball courts, vying for a chance to become the next Dodgeball World Champion.

"It was a pleasure meeting all of you and I am looking forward to next year already! Let the planning and practicing begin!" LaGrano

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Planning has already begun for next year's Dodgeball World Championship. Don't miss out, there will be more teams, more talent, and more fun. For more info fill out a contact form.

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