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It's official, we have a band: Fatkid Dodgeball

News ImageAre you ready to "Get It"? Dodgeball has gone to a whole new level.

Another new addition has been made to the National Dodgeball League organization, an official band. The National Dodgeball League and Fatkid Dodgeball have joined forces to promote both dodgeball and music.

The possibilities for this partnership are endless, make sure to check out where NDL and FKDB events will be near you.

Fatkid Dodgeball is a group that originally formed in 2001. FKDB went through a string of line-up changes before they even recorded a demo. It isn't rare for a young band to set out to make great music with honest intentions and a love for what they are doing, but it isn't often that a young band gets past the struggles, fights, and tireless hours on the road to become what they set out to be.

So just what makes this band, rock?
Listen and find out here.