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The Opening Rush - Issue 8 :: Overlooked DWC Tips

The Opening Rush: An inside look into the sport of dodgeball.

With the 2010 Dodgeball World Championship (DWC) fast approaching dodgeballers from across the globe are preparing to descend on Las Vegas. Teams are tweaking their strategies, athletes are doing their calisthenics, and girl scouts are crushing the dreams of middle-aged men. Iíve asked the Pros to help compile a list of sometimes overlooked DWC tips to make your tournament experience smoother and perhaps even give you an edge.


Book your room at Palace Station. The hotel is fairly priced and literally right across the street from the venue. In addition to saving time and cab money, the majority of attendees will be staying here so itís perfect for socializing with your new dodgeball friends (or keeping your enemies closer).


In addition to wearing comfortable athletic shoes to avoid blisters and fashionable head/arm bands to keep your eyes/hands sweat free, consider the following when packing your bags for Vegas.

Invest in some comfortable knee pads. Landing on your knee once is a shrug off. Hit it on the ground multiple times from dodging/catching and you can sign up now for a knee replacement at 35.

Donít forget your chapstick. Vegas is the desert. The air is dry. I was practically eating that free hotel lotion by the end of the tournament. Donít be shy with the chapstick because nothing ruins your game like chapped lips Ė and Iím not just talking dodgeball.

Game Day

Attend the rules session. This is the time to get clarification on your question and listen to others you may not have thought of. Donít lose a game because you thought you could step on the line as long as you didnít step over it. Your naivety of ďContinuation Rule Ė DĒ can turn a certain victory into sudden death.

Hydrate before and during play. Water before and an electrolyte replacement drink in between games. Thereís a true story about a pro receiving four bags of IV fluid and spending the night in the hospital. A story about a trip to the Vegas hospital sounds funny until youíre the one in it.

Arrive early to warm up. You will use every muscle in your body playing dodgeball. A proper warm-up prevents injury, and staying warm in between games will minimize soreness while avoiding the first match frost.

Keep the shoes squeaky clean. Matches are played on a basketball court and shoes can get dusty after several games. Avoid slipping by keeping soles dust free with your hand or a damp cloth.


Scout. In addition to scouting from the stands the league can always use volunteer referees on back lines as an extra set of eyes to assist with foot fouls. Volunteering can provide a great, up-close opportunity to scout your opponents.

Get to the banquet at a reasonable time. Iím not saying you have to be early, you donít even have to be on time, all Iím saying is you donít want to arrive late and discover the churros are gone.

Brett Batky, New York Epic #43

Brett BatkyNew York Epic, #43