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Crossfire Wins Doritos Dodgeball Championship

Leeds Hawkeyes try to smash and grab in Las Vegas

Welcome to the Doritos Dodgeball World Championship Final. Situated at Planet Hollywood on the glamorous Las Vegas strip, time has just been called on this titanic battle of the balls.

The UK champions, Leeds Hawkeyes, have just tasted defeat at the hands of the US Champions. But for the six lads from Leeds this is only a tiny blot at the end of an amazing month.

Five weeks ago The Hawkeyes were a little known group of mates playing university dodgeball against other teams from across the UK. But with a little help from Doritos these students have found themselves in the limelight on both sides of the Atlantic.

Having won the Doritos Dodgeball Challenge, a live online competition that set the British public against real dodgeballers, The Hawkeyes qualified to play in the inaugural World Championship Final against unofficial world champions San Diego Crossfire.

And what a match it was. In stifling heat on the pool deck of Planet Hollywood the balls flew fast and true. Players on both sides showed strength, speed and stunning agility to throw, catch and dodge for a breathless nine games.

But as the match progressed Crossfire's experience began to tell. Even a break in play for Hawkeye's Tom Lewis to stop a nose bleed could only halt the inevitable defeat for the lads from Leeds. The match finally finishing with a one-sided score line of 9-0 to the Crossfire.

After the game Leeds captain Nick Martin said "Fair play to the American lads, they were good. They take the game seriously and we probably need a few more training sessions and a couple less pints to get to their level. The lads are a bit disappointed, but coming over to Vegas and playing has just been awesome for all of us".

Team mate, Jamie Barnes added, "This has been a brilliant. Something I'll remember for a long time to come. Who'd have thought playing dodgeball with my mates could have got me half way round the world".

So as the sun sets on another glorious day in Sin City, six lads from Leeds head for their Virgin Atlantic flight home. "I'm hungry", says Ben 'Chunk' Cunliffe, "Maybe I'll have a bag of Doritos. Who knows where I'll end up with this one."

Watch match highlights at NDLtv.com

Leeds Hawkeyes:

  • Nick Martin (Captain)

  • Tom Lewis

  • Jamie Barnes

  • Ben Cunliffe

  • Alex Warham

  • David Maher

San Diego Crossfire:

  • Chase Feindel (Captain)

  • Colin Governski

  • Tommy Viviano

  • Alex Galloway

  • Justin Berni

  • Greg Dozzolino

  • Bryan Jenkins (Substitute)

Match officials:

  • Ed Prentiss

  • Zack Thullen

Match Stats

  • Most valuable player: Tom Lewis (Leeds Hawkeyes)

  • Top ball speed: 68mph (Tommy Viviano, San Diego Crossfire)

  • Longest game length: 5 minutes 27 seconds

  • Average game length: 2 minutes 46 seconds

  • Most spectacular move: Back flip, Chase Fiendel (San Diego Crossfire)

  • Team catches: San Diego Crossfire: 14, Leeds Hawkeyes: 3